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Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Home Monitoring

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Home Security Monitoring With Low Power Sensors

The main motive of wireless sensor network is to communicate with the microcontroller and sending the signal for anything wrong happens to building. Sensor keep an eye on each and every activities in home theft and burglary is natural these days, so these sensors are used with 8051 microcontrollers or with any other microcontrollers to work with. All of the sensors are interconnected with the central microcontroller so send the clear data and signal to it, sensors like temperature sensors, motion detector, heat sensors etc.
The main functionality is loaded into the microcontrollers; it is the brain of entire systems. Suppose when a sensor detects motion in the room or any part of the home, it triggers and send signal to the microcontrollers, then microcontroller send sms to the owner, gsm modem is used to connect with it. AT commands are used to communicate with the modem using RS232 serial port. In some cases landline phone is also connected with the microcontroller and system rings the stored phone numbers.
Network of sensors are installed at the various locations of the building, like doors, windows, kitchens and other location. When all of them work with the integrated manner then it makes a big security system and works 24x7 for the owner of the house. Now these days remote cameras are also connected with the current systems and perform very fast with at perfect speed, these cameras work on the instruction given from 89c51 microcontroller and start taking snaps and send them via IP address using Ethernet protocol.