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Advanced Development Boards 8051 Microcontrollers


Advanced Development Boards 8 Bit 8051 Microcontroller Family Models
Atmel, NXP, Philips, 8051, 8052, 89C51, 89C52, 89S51, 89s52, 89C1051, 89C1051, 89C2051, AT89C4051, AT89S8252,l AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051,P89C51RB+, P89C51RC+, P89C51RD+, P89C51RB2Hxx, P89C51RC2Hxx, P89C51RD2Hxx, P89C660, P89C662, P89C664, P89C668, P89C669, P89C51RA2xx, P89C51RB2xx, P89C51RC2xx, P89C51RD2xx, P89C60X2, P89C61X2,P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2, P89LV51RD2, P89V51RB2, P89V51RC2, P89V51RD2, P89V660, P89V662, P89V664.
About Development Boards 8051/8051/89C51/89C52 Microcontrollers :
The 8051 development board gives us an handy and low-cost way to develop and execute our 8051 based microcontroller projects and embedded systems, without spending much amount on expensive boards like in circuit programmer and simulators or emulators. Most of the required software and utilities is available as a free to download from the manufacturers website, including a C compiler and other tools. The 8051 based Development Board is the best way to learn about the 8051 series of Microcontrollers specially for beginners and starters. The board includes utilizes the Atmel 8051 based microcontroller with 8k of In-System Flash Memory, power supply and crystals oscillator are in place for the microcontroller.
An 8051 Evaluation Board is a General Purpose board with 8051 core based a micro-controller and a programme to download the hex code into the memory of the microcontroller. 8051 development board a single board computer or SBC generally has lots of program memory and resources of microcontroller ,data memory, programme memory so user can test and run simple and complex programmes into it. 8051 development board or SBC has so many options for user and student to develop their applications for number of input and output devices like keyboards, seven segment display, LCD display, serial or parallel port like available in computer.
Introduction And Advantages Of 8051 Development Educational Board :
Learn 8051 Programming and Code with 8051 Development the quick and easy way, with this easy to use 8051 Educational or 8051 Training Board. The 8051 development educational board uses 8051 core Atmel Microcontroller with 8k of In-System Flash Memory, that cane be programmed with the given software and re programmed very easily with the using given burner software.
8051 development board is the most important device in the field of embedded software development for any electronics or embedded engineer. The 8051 development board is the first step and starting point for any student who wants to learn the embedded systems programming and technology. 8051 board, also called as 8051 evaluation board or 8051 development board is an essential device for experiments and testing of 8051 based applications and programmes.
Atmels 8051 core is common terms used for explaining 89C51, 89S51, 89S52 and 89V51RD2 microcontrollers. 8051 development board as student or learner can can develop programmes with any of 8051 40 or 20 pin microcontrollers.The RS232 serial port driver on board allows easy connection with PC or other embedded hardware. The board have so many buttons and status LEDs. AC and DC power supply adapters. 
Basic And MAIN FEATURES Of 8051 Basic Development Evaluation Board:
  •  RS232 Tx, Rx interface with MAX232 IC on socket
  •  DIL40 ZIF Socket ( Zero Insertion Force) microcontroller socket - To Reduce Microcontroller Damages
  •  ULN 2803 To Drive Stepper Motor&Relays
  •  Quartz crystall 11.0592Mhz   Reset button   Power plug-in jack
  •  Extension slot on every uC pin   GND bus   Vcc bus.   Four mounting holes 3,3 mm (0,13")
Basic Input Output Features:
  •  89v51RD2 Flasher through RS232 using Flash magic Software
  •  On board Regulated Power Supply 5v,12v supplys   Easy to test with Burg Connecters wires
  •  A Serial Port for ISP   An RS232 Serial Port
  •  7Seg Mulitplexed Display   DC Power Supply Connector(12v Ac or Dc)
  •  Rdy Interfac For LCD display 2linex16Character   24Cxx I2C EEPROM   RTC DS1307
  •  8 LED array   Matrix Key Pad   4 Intruupt Switchesr   Eaxample Programs for LED,7seg,LCD,RS232 ,Matrix Key Pad, ADC
  •  Easy To flash 89V51RD2 Through Flash Magic Software
  •  Feautures of 89V51RD2 - 8051 based CMOS controller with PCA, Dual DPTR,WDT,32 I/O lines, 3 
  •    Timers/Counters, 7 Interrupts/4 Priority Levels,64K Bytes ISP FLASH, 256 Bytes on-chip RAM, 768 
  •     Bytes XRAM
  •  All the Applications can be simulated from PC
  •  Includes AT89S52 with 8kb internal Flash Program Memory   In-Built ISP Programmer
  •  All necessary power supply components and crystals(11.059MHz) are already in place.
  •  On Board 5 Switches for inputs
  •  Driver section for 2 stepper motor, 8 relays etc
  •  On Board 8 LEDs for Output
  •  1 SPDT relay
  •  Matrix Keyboard (4x4)
  •  On Board Multiplexed 4 digit 7 segment display for Counter / real time clock output.
  •  On Board 16 X 2 LCD 
  •  On Board I2C RTC (DS1307) with Battery Backup
  •  On Board I2C EEPROM (AT24C64)
  •  On Board Temperature Sensor (DS1820)
  •  On Board Infra Red Sensor (TSOP 1738) for experiment with IR.
  •  On Board direct RS-232 interface serial port. (DB-9 Connector)for PC
  •  On Board Power supply with 5V regulation circuit.
  •  On Board RESET Switch for optional use.
  •  Industrial quality Single Sided PTH Glass Epoxy PCB for ensuring ever sure hardware
  •  Dramatically reduces program development time
Basic 8051 Development Board Package Includes Following Items
  •  Assembled and Tested Kit fo development.
  •  Serial cable and Parallel port Cable for PC-Programmer link
  •  12DC 500mA Power Supply.
  •  Schematic Diagram, Block Diagram, Learn 8051 Ebook
  •  Sample HEX file for immediate test of the board
  •  Free sample Code for various experiments such us RTC, Temperature sensor, EEPROM, LCD, Seven segment display, LED's, Keypad, 
  •  Serial Port interface, relays, Infrared, stepper motor etc
  •  Complete Manual of the Kit.
  •  Programming software
  •  IDEs for code writing