Interfacing Arduino With DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor

DHT11 circuit temperature humidity sensor

It is very common and easy to connect DHT11 temperature and humidity sensors, here we will learn how to interface DHT11 sensors with Arduino board, for more details to learn about DHT11 click here. First we will take a brief overview about the hardware used in this project, in this series we will discuss about Arduino board, DHT11 Sensor and Arduino Software. Following prerequisites we will use here

  • Arduino UNO or any other Arduino Board
  • DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • Arduino Software, DHT11 library

Hardware Connection With Arduino and DHT11
The the given image you can see the sensor and how this sensor is connected with the Arduino UNO, lets discuss the

DHT11 Sensor Circuit
DHT11 Sensor

┬ápinout of the DHT11 sensors. There are basic three pins used to connect the device, GND pin will be used to connect to the negative power supply. VCC is the positive side of the sensor used to connect with the positive point power supply and important part of this is the DATA pin of DHT11, it is the main and important pin of the device which is used to transfer temperature to the connected microcontroller or Arduino board. We don’t need another power supply we can connect all these pins to the Arduino board for positive and negative power supply and the output pin is used to connect with any data pin of the board.


See below image depicts the hardware connection of the device, see this closely and you will find that we need to understand this images because it shows how to connect DHT11 sensor to the Arduino board UNO. Without any additional power supply all pins are connected with the board.

DHT11 circuit temperature humidity sensor

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