Vibration Detecting Sensor SW-420 Arduino Circuit Interface

Vibration sensor is used to detect the vibrations at surrounding areas or generating vibration from any medium. Here in this article we will discuss Vibration Detecting Sensor SW-420, its circuitry and interfacing with microcontrollers. We will focus on the hardware points of the sensors how it is interfaced and which pins are used to interface with any type of Arduino microcontrollers or 8051 microcontrollers, PIC etc. Following is the list of applications where we can use this

Application Ideas

Theft Protection
Object Movement Senssing
Earthquake alarm
Motorcycle alarm
Industrial Applications
Medical Fields

Features of SW 420 Vibration Sensor

Normally available in Closed state.
Output Singnal Voltage Between:3.3V-5V.
On Board LED to Display Detection of Vibration
On-board LM393 chip

Working of Vibration Detecting Sensor SW-420

SW 420 sensor equipped with to major component one of them is LM393 Operational Amplifier and Sensor device and another component is potentiometer to set threshhold level. Three pins one for positive voltage, one for negative voltage and another for output signal voltage and this pin is interfaced with microcontroller to feed the output of the signal to the microcontroller or any desired device. So that getting the output voltage and perform operation based on the output. When this wire is connected with microcontroller, microcontroller detect the signal and perform the next course of action.

Using potentiometer we can set the level of detecting vibration, if the vibration is beyond the threshold level then output pin of the sensor will be HIGH. When the module doesn’t detect vibration then switch is closed state then output voltage is LOW and the green LED will be ON. When device detect vibration then switch will be instantly disconnected immediately and the output voltage will be HIGH and LED will be Off. The output wire is connected with the microcontroller to detect the signal and play the alarm or any function.

Interfacing with Arduino UNO Vibration Sensor Sw 420

Before we start to work on this project, first we will have to understand the pin description of the sensor. Second important this is to understand the Arduino UNO Board, the basic GPIOs Pin description. But we will not discuss the thing extensively here.




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