Sensor XD 58C Pulse Heart Rate Sensor Interfacing Arduino Atmega NXP Microcontrollers

Interfacing Pulse Heart Rate Sensor XD 58C Arduino Atmega Philips NXP
Pulse Rate Sensor XD 58C
Heart Rate Sensor

Pulse heart rate sensor XD 58C is used in biomedical fields just to measure the pulse rate or heart rate of human body. In the medical science this sensor is used to measure the heart condition, anxiety level, stress level and studying all heart related parameters so that medical professionals and doctor can consult the right remedy for the ailing person. This small and cost effective pulse rate sensor is a plug and play device for Arduino, Atmega, Atmel, Philips and other microcontrollers.  The purpose of the sensor is to capture the heart rate and store it into the memory for further analysis and displays the current status of the heart rate. Sensor functionality is  so easy that it can be integrated in any application by students, professionals in their projects. It is a simple optical sensor with noise cancellation circuit and amplify the signal to generate a reliable pulse reading.

How To Use and Working of Heart Pulse Rate Sensor XD 58C:

Due to its simplicity it is widely used in biometric and biomedical projects all over the world. To use this sensor, it is clipped on the finger tip or earlobe to capture the pulses and store them into memory and display. With the help of Arduino. You can download the code in zip format.  It comes with following accessories and rate of pulse sensor are very cheap and always available in the market all over world.

  • Pulse Sensor Board
  • 24-inch Color-Coded Cable with Standard Male Headers
  • Ear Clip for Earlobe Heart Rate Measurement
  • Velcro Finger Strap
  • Transparent Stickers to Protect Sensor.

Specifications and Features:

  • Voltage Range Puse Rate Senosr: 5V
  • Current Consuming: 4mA
  • Arduino Compatible : Yes
  • The sensor has 3 holes to make it handy to fit into any project.
  • A color coded cable is also given

Interfacing sensor With Arduino Board is the common example to understand the functionality and working of heart rate sensor. It can also be interface with any microcontroller like XD 58C Pulse Heart Rate Sensor Interfacing Arduino Atmega NXP Microcontrollers.

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