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On the most difficult and important task is to program 8051 core based microcontrollers, it is the last stage of every embedded development is to run the application in the live environment, The purpose of this is to develop, debug and final release of embedded application using 8051 microcontrollers from ATMEL, Dallas, NXP reputed manufacturer of Microcontrollers and other embedded chips. 8051 development board offers wide range of facilities like ISP based 8051 DIP, PLCC package and using Serial communication using RS232 communication we can copy hex file code to the microcontroller, it is called burning 8051 chips. A basic 8051 basic board integrates LEDs, numeric Keyboard, LCD and ADC, relay or temperature sensors. LCD display creates a full fledged stand alone a running platform for any embedded systems.
What Is ISP:
ISP stands for in-circuit programming, means there is no need to remove 8051 hardware from 8051 development board. During the phase of development on the old time, when there was no ISP then we need to program and download hex code in the 8051 microcontroller and then remove the chip from the board and the same chip is fitted into another hardware to run, it wastes lots of precious time of development and very hectic and annoying process. A programmer needs to remove the chip again and again more than 100 times. But after the invention of ISP, it makes programmer life easy, now no need remove chip from the board. We can program the chip in the same board and develop, debug the program a running application with intended results.
Basic Features Of 8051 Microcontroller Development Boards:
  • IC 40 or20 pin-ZIF Socket to Place the chip after programming we can remove it.
  • 8 or more LEDs to check Logic Output as a status of Pins of Microcontrollers
  • 8 button Slide Switch for digital input to instruct application to do something.
  • 4×4 Keyboard Matrix Keypad interfacing circuitry used for numeric functions or other.
  • 2X16 Liquid Crystal Display LCD To Display status of events like temperature, motor speed etc.
  • 4 or 8 seven segment 7-Segment LED Display show the current status of numeric event like temperature
  • 3 Potentiometer for Analog Input to work on analog voltage circuit.
  • Dedicated Chip for Stepper Motor Interface, just to control the stepper motor move right or left
  • 4 SPDT Relay for 240 volts swith on/off any external home appliances like tv, fan, radio etc.
  • DS1307 Calender and Clock IC RTC with Battery For Backup, to keep date and time functions.
  • UART(RS232) Serial Ports 2 Nos, used to burn 8051 MCU
  • Buzzer for making alerts to get attention for any event.
  • Reset Button to reset the embedded application running in the board.
  • Serial Peripheral Interface SPI – Digital / Analog Output
  • I2C 4 Serial EEPROMs 24C02, 24C04, 24C08 (I2C Devices)
  • A Graphic LDC 128×64
  • LM35 or DS18S20 Digital Temperature Sensor
  • 20 or 40-Pin Expansion Board Connector
  • ISP Pins to Program Chip NXP, Dallas Chips MCU
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