NXP P89V51RD2 P89V52RD2 Development Board Philips Low Cost

Development Board NXP P89V51RB2/RC2/RD2 previously known Philips, is equipped with 16 kB, 32kB and 64kB flash memory along with 1024 available data Random Access Memory RAM. X2 mode option is one of the best key feature of P89V51RD2 and P89V51RD2 NXP microcontrollers. Application can be run on conventional 80C51 12 clocks per machine cycle or may be X2 mode means six clocks per machine cycle. Its comes with the support of both ISP programming and parallel programming. Flash memory can be programmed using any one of the techniques. Parallel method of programming supports and offers gang programming, thus reduces the cost of programming and market cost.

Its a very low cost Philips now NXP P89V51RD2 development board having all basic and advanced components and peripherals requires to learn programming and can be used for production also. Thus can be used by beginners and advanced engineers. P89V52RD2 development board can be run on 7-14 voltages dc supply using adapter with reverse polarity protection circuit. A voltage regulator 7805 is used to supply 5 volts constant upto 2 Amp without getting heated. It equipped with switches to reset the power and a serial port RS232 for serial communication. A DB9 connector is given to communicate with the external world using MAX232 IC. Flash Magic software is used to program the IC of NXP’s serial port.

A Board Should have following specifications Development Board NXP P89V52RD2 and P89V51RD2
Supports NXP P89V51RD2, P89V52RD2 with Timer 11.0592MHz Crystal to generate clock frequency.
Power 7 – 24 Vots DC using power adapter
Double Heat sink is provided on 7805 to continuously supplying power.
Reverse polarity protection circuit
8 Manaul Switches, can be used in programming.
Reset and Power on Swith and LED.
Serial communication using RS232 serial protocol
More Key Features of NXP P89V51RD2 Evaluation Board
Onboard converter from USB to Serial conversion and programming using USB.
Power On Led For power status
8 General purpose LEDs for application status, interfacing seven segment Leds
To work AC and DC voltage a bridge rectifier is given on the board
A Plug in jack for DC power supply
2X16 LCD display is provided for application development to display values.
Interrupt handling switches provided.
Support for Atmel, NXP, Dallas Microcontroller, no compatibility issue.
A dedicated 7805 5V voltage regulator with capacitors to filter current.
Pull up resistors externally for Port 0.
Kit includes a product manual and a software CD.
In Circuit Programming for NXP, Dallas MCU
Reset Circuit Supports to reset the application running
Dedicated Red LED as Indication of Power On and off
A 40 pin ZIF socket for Microcontroller
Zigbee Module Interfacing Circuit inbuilt to develop and test application.
Dedicated GPS Module Interface
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
General Purpose Solder AreaSupport Devices :NXP P8951VRD2, NXP P8952VRD2 (MCS-51 Core) with  256Byte Data Memory and  Clock speed 12MHz crystal Max = 24 MHz.NXP P8951VRD2, NXP P8952VRD2 Evaluation Board Kit Includes
P89V51RD2 8051 Evaluation Board
1 meter RS232 Cable.
P89V51RD2FA Microcontroller features
Equipped with Brown-out detection
Supports 80C51 Cor developed by Intel 8 Bit Microcontroller
In System Programming support with 64 kB of on-chip Flash program memory and IAP (In-Application Programming)
Idle mode functionaity
Eight interrupt sources with four priority levels
Four 8-bit Input Output Ports
Programmable Watchdog timer (WDT)
DPTR register
Low EMI mode (ALE inhibit)
Works on Low power modes
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and enhanced UART Serial communication with RS232
Programmable Counter Array (PCA) with Pulse Width Modulation.
Supports Power-down mode using external interrupt wake-up
Two modes of Clock operations 12-clock and 6-clock using software ISP.
40 PIN package
Supports Three 16-bit timers or counters

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