8051 Microcontroller:An Applications Based Introduction David Calcutt , Frederick Cowan

Developed by Intel Corporation 8051 based microcontrollers have been proved one of the most popular, powerful and versatile microcontrollers used ever. Entire 8051 series family AT89S52, NXP P89V51RD1/Rd2, AT89S51 , AT89C51 AT89C52 has been a milestone for every developer and embedded engineer. It proved to be the best chip used in various applications like medical, engineering, agriculture and other industry. Given book based on teaching fundamentals and principal of microcontroller MCS51 and its architecture. It teaches you extensively on internal architecture, hardware and software routines with live practical examples and projects. All chapters are full of extensive details about 8051 series AT89S52, NXP P89C51, NXP P89C52, AT89S51 , AT89C51 AT89C52 microcontrollers. Author offers wide range of practicals from easy to advanced level so that every student can learn it easily. Interfacing with external devices like UART, External memories etc.

1.Introduction to Microcontrollers
Introduction, Microcontroller types, P89C66x microcontroller, Bits, nibbles, bytes and number conversions, Inside microcontrollers, Microcontroller programming, Commonly used instructions of the 8051 microcontroller, Microcontroller clock, Time delays.

2. Flash Microcontroller Board
Introduction, P89C66x microcontroller, Programming the device, Flash magic, XAG49 microcontroller.

3. Simulation Software
Introduction, Keil m Vision2, Resonance IDE (RIDE).

4. P89C66x Microcontroller
Timers 0 and 1, Timer 2, External interrupt, Interrupt priority, Programmable counter array (PCA), Pulse width modulation (PWM), Watchdog timer
Universal asynchronous receive transmit (UART), Inter integrated circuit (IIC or I 2 C).

5. Low Pin Count (LPC) Devices
P87LPC769, Analog functions, Analog comparators, P89LPC932, Serial peripheral interface (SPI), EEPROM memory

6. The XA 16-bit Microcontroller
XA registers, Watchdog timer, UART, 8051 compatibility, Interrupts.

7. Project Applications 169
Project 1: speed control of a small DC motor, Project 2: speed control of a stepper motor, Project 3: single wire multiprocessor system, Project 4: function generator

8051 Instruction Set
Philips XA Microcontroller – XA and 8051 Instruction
Set Differences
8051 Microcontroller Structure
P89C66x Microcontroller
P89LPC932 Microcontroller
XAG49 Microcontroller
P89C66x and X

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