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Intel’s 8051 microcontroller is the world’s most popular 8051 microcontroller with more than 30 live practical experimentsProgramming-and-Customizing-the-8051-Microcontroller-Myke-Predko along with finished 13 complete professional projects showing the power and capabilities of MCS51 based 8 bit 8051 Microcontrollers. Atmel’s AT89C51 AT89C52 Microcontrollers are the most popular devices, you can choose any of them for learning purpose and professional development for more details you can Download Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller Pdf  Myke Predko. Attached CD ROM offers you to learn softwares included in it. It’s a right place to start learning embedded programming with learn and fun. How to develop tailor made embedded applications using 8051, the given CD will teach you right from the beginning, the software you need for programming, the hardware you need, debuggers, compilers, emulators and simulators. This book details and explains the hardware and software features of microcontrollers and shows how to interface and connect with the outer world and develop fantastic applications. ISP based devices like AT89S51 AT89S52 Microcontrollers can be programmed without removing them from the development boards. This book teaches to write instruction and what happens in internal memory when it is executed. Focuses on how to interface external memory devices. Chapters offering you a wide variety of professional projects and experiments of interfacing projects. Easy to learn how devices are programmed and design embedded hardware. Here you will learn what kinds of hardware and software tools you need to develop embedded applications for 8051 MCU. Sample applications are given in simple assembly language, which are easy to learn. This book is a treasure for those who want to learn from beginning to advanced level and become professional embedded developers. From coding, compiling, debugging and uploading code to devices, all these complex tasks are defined in simple language.

NXP P89V51RD2, P89V51RC2, P89V51RD2 are manufactured by NXP or Philips and are widely used in latest developments Book starts with a basic introduction of 8051 microcontrollers. Download link is given at Download Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller Pdf  Myke Predko. Chip is based on 8 bit architecture and MCS51 instruction set is used to program the device. Read carefully the hardware features of the microcontroller then move further so that in the coming chapter you will not face any issue in understanding the topic.

Will discuss the enhanced features of 8051 MCU which are helpful for advanced developers and engineers. A simple tutorial on application design with hardware and software is clearly explained. Code is given in Assembly Language which is easy to understand and globally accepted programming language for embedded systems. Important tools like compilers, debuggers, simulators and emulators are extensively explained. You will also learn the fundamentals and principles of Real Time Operating Systems. Lots of real time projects and examples are given to understand the working of 8051 microcontrollers.

Topic Covered in Book:

Microcontrollers  AT89C51 AT89C52:
Chapter focuses on microcontrollers, how it works and used for application development. It teaches all about 8051 microcontrollers its variants and applications from basic to advanced level. It gives a brief introduction about microcontrollers, its architecture and development languages used.

8051 Processor Architecture
Developed by Intel 8051 microcontrollers has 8 bit architecture and became so popular that Intel allowed other manufacturers to develop the devices with the same architecture. Devices are equipped with a 40 PIN dual line package with 4 kb Read Only Memory (ROM), Random Access Memory (RAM) 128 bytes. Four parallel input output ports with RS232 Serial communication. 32 pins to connect with the external circuits with 12 MHZ crystal oscillator for generating pulses for microcontrollers.

8051 Instruction Set
An instruction is a command that is used to inform microcontrollers to do a particular task or activity. Computers work on their own language to understand an 8 bit architecture. The commands for microcontrollers are instruction sets written in programming languages like Assembly Language or C language. It is also defined as MCS-51 Instruction Set writer for Intel microprocessor. The instruction are for data transfer, arithmetic and logical operations, MOV, MOVC, MOVEX, PUSH, POP, XCH, XCHD, ADD, ADDC, SUBB, INC, DEC, MUL, DIV, DA A, ANL, ORL, XRL, CLR, CPL, RL, RLC, RR, RRC, SWAP, LJMP, AJMP, SJMP, JZ, JNZ, CJNE, DHNE, DJNZ, NOP, LCALL, ACALL, RET, RETI, JMP.

8051 Hardware Features
Chapter focuses on advanced introduction of 8051 hardware with internal working. With so many integrated hardware features 8051 based on MCS51 architecture became so popular that every new embedded system was developed in this 8 bit architecture. It has below hardware features: It has 4KB on chip memory called ROM, 128 bytes internal on chip RAM memory. For register banks with 128 user defined flags for software development. Four 8 bit parallel bidirectional data transfer ports with 32 general purpose registers. Two 16 bit timers, Three internal interrupts for interrupt detection. Two external interrupts. Chip equipped with a 16 bit PC (program counter) with a data pointer. It is also integrated with UART RS232 serial communication, Analog to digital converters, etc.

Enhanced 8051 Features
A brief overview of enhanced features of 8051 architecture is explained with live examples with details. So that advanced developers can also take help.

Applications Design
Here you will learn how to design embedded software including hardware and software design. How to use compilers, debuggers, simulators and emulators are well defined here. Designing hardware is also another challenge for students. After studying the chapters you can do them easily.

8051 Programming AT89S51 AT89S52
Biggest challenge for students is how to program microcontrollers and start development. In this chapter the author explains how to write a basic instruction set using Assembly Language and integrate with external memory or devices in simple steps. How to use simulators 8051 microcontroller, how to compile and how to store programs using an emulator to the device.

Experiments with the 8051 AT89C51 AT89C52:
It is difficult to understand the functionality of 8051 without any experiment and projects. This book is a treasure of live practicals, experiments and projects based on 8051, teaches you bit by bit everything from beginners to advanced level. You will learn interfacing leds, displays, motors, ADC, DAC, optocoupler, LCDs, external RAM ROM etc.

Emulator 8051 NXP P89C51 P89C52
Emulator is a hardware  device used to store hex coded files to 8051 devices. To burn 8051 chips, we need a hardware development board and software.

Download Pdf link :  Download Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller Pdf  Myke Predko.

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