Machine Learning with IBM Watson James D. Miller Pdf Ebook

Here you will learn how to build and complete machine learning systems with IBM cloud based Watson Machine Learning services, the key advantage is to learn the implementation and functions of machine learning techniques to predict the future using insights from real world database and data. A best way to understand the IBM watson platform which will help you to understand and implement the real world insights with the role of data representation and machine learning with real time examples. Book describe the cloud computing services with data analytics skills using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It has following features :

  • Full detailed study of key characteristics of Machine Learning services of IBM Watson.
  • One of the best and finest techniques of data science.
  • Tutorials with example how to use Spark pipeline in Cloud IBM Watson Studio.
  • Understand Neural Network with Deep learning on the IBM Cloud with Tensor Flow
  • Vast study of data analytics and data science with extensive study material.

Table Of Contents

  1. Watson Studio Introduction to IBM Cloud
  2. Feature Extraction – A Bag of Tricks
  3. Machine Learning Modesl with Supervised Models and Data
  4. Defining and Implementing Unsupervised Algorithms
  5. Machine Learning Workouts on IBM Cloud
  6. Spark with IBM Watson Studio
  7. Deep Learning Using TensorFlow on the IBM Cloud
  8. Creating a Facial Expression Platform on IBM Cloud
  9. The Automated Classification of Lithofacies Formation Using ML
  10. Building a Cloud-Based Multibiometric Identity Authentication Platform
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