THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER A Systems Approach Muhammad Ali Mazidi Janice Gillispie

Chapter starts from introduction to computing introduces to you a brief introduction of micro computing and Fundamentals and principals of 8051 microcontrollers AT89C51 and its family. The beauty of this book that it teaches you right from Assembly language and C language so that student can easily build applications with the help of its choice language. Microcontrollers understand the instruction given by the program so you will grasp basic instructions like jump, call, loop and variables which is easy to understand and implement. How you interface external devices with 8051 microcontroller and its input output ports, next chapters teaches you about all I/O hardware ports of chip. Authors give you extensive details about 8051 address modes, logic instructions and arithmetic instructions and loops with example programs. Download Pdf eBook THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER A Systems Approach Muhammad Ali Mazidi Janice Gillispie

In the middle of the book you will start learning how to program 8051 or AT89C52 microcontroller using C language from beginners level to advanced level. How to connect hardware devices with the external pins of 8051 and extensive tutorial on intel hex file. Timers which are the important and widely used component of chip, you will learn and see what are the timers and how they are used in embedded systems. Live practicals are given to handle timers with Assembly language and C language. Connecting and using serial port RS232 is the complex part of any embedded application, but through the example given here in this book you will learn how to communicate with with serial port of AT89S5 microcontroller with external world. Another important hardware routines are interrupts, in the given chapter you will hold the information’s about the what interrupts are and how they work. Practicals also given in Assembly and C language to program interrupts.

When it comes to connect sensors then we think about analog to digital convertor, without which we can not connect any sensor with any microcontrollers, here in AT89S52 we use external Analog to Digital convertor to connect sensor, Digital to analog conversion also defined here in details. LCD and keyboard are basic components of any embedded systems, here in the given examples you will learn how to connect LCD and a keyboard to enter values to systems. Along with this book highlights how to connect and deal with external memories with 8051, Relay, Stepper Motor, opt isolator, DS128887 a time keeping chip for timing operation and display time. DC and AC motors with PWM and I2C and SPI controls are clearly defined for your ease. You can also program NXP p89v51rd2  with the help of this book.

0. Introduction to Computing
Numbering and Coding Systems 2
Digital Primer 9
Semiconductor Memory 12
Bus Designing and Address Decoding 24
I/O Address Decoding and Design 33
0.6 CPU Architecture

1: The 8051 Microcontrollers
Microcontrollers and Embedded Processors
Overview of the 8051 Family 56

2. 8051 Assembly Language Programming
Inside the 8051 66
Introduction to 8051 Assembly Programming 69
Assembling and Running an 8051 Program 72
The Program Counter and ROM Space in the 8051 74
8051 Data Types and Directives 77
8051 Flag Bits and the PSW Register 80
8051 Register Banks and Stack
RISC Architecture 92

3. Jump, Loop, and Call Instructions
Loop and Jump Instructions
Call Instructions 108
Time Delay for Various 8051 Chips 113

4. I/O Port Programming 125
8051 I/O Programming 126
I/O Bit-Manipulation Programming 132

5. 8051 Addressing Modes
Immediate and Register Addressing Modes 142
Accessing Memory Using Various Addressing Modes 144
Bit Addresses for I/O and RAM 154
Extra 128-Byte On-Chip RAM in 8052 163

6. Arithmetic, Logic Instructions and Programs 171
Arithmetic Instructions 172
Signed Number Concepts and Arithmetic Operations 182
Logic and Compare Instructions 187
Rotate Instruction and Data Serialization 193
BCD, ASCII, and Other Application Programs 199

7. 8051 Programming in C 213
Data Types and Time Delay in 8051 C 214
I/O Programming in 8051 C 220
Logic Operations in 8051 C 226
Data Conversion Programs in 8051 C
Accessing Code ROM Space in 8051 C
Data Serialization Using 8051 C 241

8. 8051 Hardware Connection and Intel Hex File
Pin Description of the 8051 250
Design and Test of DS89C4xO Trainer
Explaining the Intel Hex File 264

9. 8051 Timer Programming in Assembly and C 271
Programming 8051 Timers 272
Counter Programming 287
Programming Timers 0 and 1 in 8051 C

10. 8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly and C 309
Basics of Serial Communication 310
8051 Connection to RS232 317
8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly
Programming the Second Serial Port 332
Serial Port Programming in C

11. Interrupts Programming in Assembly and C 349
8051 Interrupts 350
Programming Timer Interrupts
Programming External Hardware Interrupts 356
Programming the Serial Communication Interrupt 365
Interrupt Priority in the 8051/52 369
Interrupt Programming in C 372

12. LCD and Keyboard Interfacing
LCD Interfacing 384
Keyboard Interfacing 395

13. ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing
Parallel and Serial ADC 406
DAC Interfacing 431
Sensor Interfacing and Signal Conditioning

14. Interfacing to External Memory
8031/51 Interfacing with External ROM
8051 Data Memory Space 451
Accessing External Data Memory in 8051 C

15. Relay, opt isolator, and Stepper Motor
Relays and opt isolators 470
Stepper Motor Interfacing 475

16. DS12887 RTC Interfacing and Programming
DS12887RTC Interfacing
DS12887RTC Programming in C 496
Alarm, SQW, and IRQ Features of the DS12887 Chip

17. DC Motor Control and PWM
DC Motor Interfacing and PWM

18. SPI and I2C Protocols
SPI Bus Protocol
I2C Bus Protocol

Appendix A 8051 Instructions, Timing, and Registers
Appendix B Basics of Wire Wrapping
Appendix C IC Technology and System Design Issues
Appendix D Flowcharts and Pseudocode
Appendix E 8051 Primer for X86 Programmers
Appendix F ASCII Codes
Appendix G Assemblers, Development Resources, and Suppliers
Index 623

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