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Nxp Semiconductors former Philips is well known brand in semiconductor industry, It develops wide range of microcontrollers supports In System Programming Technology and on chip Flash memory. Its ability to program flash within the circuit, means without removing the hardware from the device. It is available free of cost and anyone can can Download Flash Magic from this link

Flash Magic software is available in both versions Windows and OS. It is developed by Embedded System Academy. Using this application a user can program and has easy access to all ISP features offered by these devices. Below are basic features offers by Flash Magic software.

Flash Magic one of the most easiest software provides very simple user interface design, while using Windows operating system COM port is used to communicate with the Microcontroller, using COM port Hex file is saved in the flash memory of the Microcontroller. You can download Download Flash Magic here.

Flash Magic only obtains access to the selected COM Port when ISP operations are being performed. This means that other applications that need to use the COM Port, such as debugging tools, may be used while Flash Magic is loaded. By obtaining the access to the COM port selected by Flash Magic, ISP operations are performed and HEX file is transferred to the targeted Microcontroller. Below are the main features offers by Flash Magic.

  • Very Straightforward user friendly user interface, easy to learn and flash microcontroller.
  • Simple 5 steps to program the device and erase.
  • Generates Intel Hex format files and programs.
  • Auto verification of stored HEX file.
  • Unused Flash is filled to enhance the security.
  • Auto checksums program features.
  •  Verification of Flash block to avoid any execution of corrupted code.
  • Security bits to program to secure the code.
  • Partial erase of Flash block.
  • Ability to read Flash any section, can be saved as Intel Hex file.
  • Reprogram the Boot Vector and Status Byte with the help of confirmation features that prevent accidentally
  • Repairing incorrect values.
  • Content can be seen in both format ASCII and Hexdecimal formats
  • High speed serial communication.
  • Verification of previously stored Hex files.
  • Monitor and control RTS, DTR and RS232 signals.

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