What is Machine to Machine Communication (M2M)

Tutorial Machine To Machine Communication

What is Machine to Machine Communication (M2M)

Machines used from many years made our lives very easy and becoming smarter day by day as a microchip installed in them instruct them what to do at a particular condition or given parameter. Machine to Machine communication, as it name suggests when two machines are communicating with each other and exchanging data and instructions without human interference. A chip installed into a vehicle instructs the engines how to operate and do certain operation under particular condition, so that it can achieve fuel economy level. Installed temperature sensors near engines tells the microchip about the temperature of the engine, and then again master microchip instructs the engine how to cop with increasing temperature. A vending machine sending notification alerts about the diminishing inventory to main server.

Example Machine To Machine Communication(M2M)

Its very easy to understand the concept with example. As an example, in health care M2M communication used to share the patients internal physical parameters by using sensors to the main server installed, and as per the received parameter main chip installed instructs the oxygen valve to turn on. If the patient’s is feeling difficulty in breathing. Sensor detects the oxygen level in the body and pulse rate then Mainchip instructs the oxygen system to turn on the valve and release the oxygen for patient. Now again the same system check the oxygen level of the patient. When the oxygen level becomes normal then the same Mainchip detects the level and instructs the oxygen valve to turn off and lets try the patient breathe at his own.

In Agriculture soil sensors are used to get the moisture level in the soil, if the moisture level is down or not as per given parameter then the connected sensor informs the microchip and microchip instructs the pump motor unit chip to turn on the valve, same functionality switched off the pump when found moisture level is achieved.

Benefits of Machine To Machine. Why We Use M2M

Due to data transfer and exchange capability, we can use M2M for sharing information for management team for analysis and BI, monitoring, diagnostics and alerts. There are lots of major benefits of M2M, will discuss right here.

Cost Reduction : M2M reduces the physical interfrence and visits of employees, because entire system is dependent on machines having its own operating system to think and instruct machines to act upon accordingly. Absence of humans so there are less chances of any error committed while working on the system. So it helps the company in cost reduction.

Continuous 24 Hours Working: M2M systems never stops, they never sleeps. They work 24 hours without any interferance. So all time real time data is available and stored on the available cloud server. You can access the data from anywhere at any time.
Scalability :It is a completely scalable system and it grows with your business. As your business grows M2M requirement also grows so you can enhance the system by establishing more M2M systems. You can connect more sensors, devices to your changing requirements.

Improvement In Quality: You can increase the quality of your products or services when you can monitor and manage all operations from remote locations and take decision instantly on production. Predictive analysis is an another advantage of the M2M. It can predict the machines status and health check up is done regularly through sensors.

Take Your Priorities: M2M solution offers various features including looking after all business related tasks like production, health, predictive analysis and business intelligence. It provides the raw data which is huge in tera bytes. Management can take decision after using data with big data analytics. This way management team can save time and pay attention to another important tasks like business development and helps your organization to grow faster.

Data Security: M2M exchanges data with other machines and data storage devices like cloud storage, local storage etc. This data is transferred after encryption and proper authentication. So data is always secure.
Instant Alerts : Sending notifications and alerts are the important key features of M2M. So stay informed about every happenning in the organization about production status, health status, maintenance etc.


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