Microsoft Connected Factory Azure Iot Industry 4.0

A Microsoft connected factory means that entire production process is online and the owner of the factory can see the entire manufacturing process from remote location whenever he wants. He can see the status of every step of manufacturing on every single machine he owns. Lets understand the thing with an example.

How It Works
Suppose you are an owner of any manufacturing company and manufacture toys example a remote control car, so here the entire manufacturing process is automated, from raw material to finished goods the remote control car is passed from all process and steps, all steps are recorded through sensors fitted on the machine and captures the status of raw materials, status of in process and finished goods and machine’s health. So from a remote location he can check the current status of how many toy cars have been manufactured and how many are under process. A customized report of raw material used and how much is available in the stock and how much future needs to complete the target. All this data is available on his desktop, he doesnt need to call the supervisor and machine operator to determine the status.

Benefits Of Microsoft Connected Factory
The smart factory has lots of hidden benefits and it matters to any manufacturing process how many process and functions it has, so these are following basic benefits of smart factory.

  • Improved Transparency : When it comes to the visibility and transparency it is the best advantage of Industry 4.0 connected factory azure Microsoft. A real time monitoring is always available from any parts of the world through internet.
  • Best Utilization of Assets : It maximizes the best usage of assets like machinery, human resource and building. It predicts that how we can take maximum advantage of our resources. Due to continouse monitoring and data logging of every process we can predict where we need ehnahcement and improvement.
  • Control Waste Reduction : With the help of stream analytics and insights as an owner of the company and predict how much raw material issued and how much wasted with the help of sensors management.
  • Cost Saving : Through the insights and analytics we can improve the cost savings. It helps also to improve the quality of products.









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