PIC16F877A Development Board Programming kit

PIC16F877A is one the most popular microcontroller from PIC and most used products of all time in embedded systems. The board presented here is used to develop embedded applications for the students and professional to develop real time applications on embedded technology. It offers wide range of connected devices and opportunity to learn the chip and evaluate demonstrate the real time use and capabilities of Microchip PIC16F877A. The development board PIC16F877A is general purpose board and designed to develop applications includes various hardware techniques and interfacing ideas to work on microcontroller peripherals. This single board offers debugging of code, development and testing environment.

This board is very advanced and handy to use with user friendly interfacing techniques to make it suitable for all types applications, training and development. Hardware components and PCB used in the board is high quality global standard. After using the board and developing applications you will feel that it is one of the best board for PIC16F877A microcontroller development.

Following are the best key features of the board Features and Specifications of PIC16F877A board:

  • Its a very simple and handy to use.
  • Best quality Two layer PCB has been used in its development.
  • It comes with PIC16F877A Microchip Microcontroller
  • Supports PIC 18F4580/4520/4550 based microcontrollers
  • External Power supply to power the PIC16F877A
  • 7-9 Volts power adapter is given
  • Serial Port Rs-232 for serial communication with PC
  • LCD Display (Two Lines 2×16)
  • In built matrix key board with 12 keys
  • RCT 1307 Timer chip for timing operations
  • 8 LEDs for testing purpose
  • Infra red sensor TSOP 1738
  • Reset buttons
  • Potentiometer for ADC
  • Seven segment Leds 4 Nos
  • LM35 Temperature sensor on board
  • On board Buzzer, Output I2C EEPROM on board 24c04 .
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