74HC595 Serial to Parallel Shift Register Introduction and Tutorial

74HC595 Shift Register -Bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out Shift Synchronous And Asynchronous

Shift Register is a digital IC that converts serial signal into parallel, it’s a Serial to parallel converter. It accepts the signals or bits serially and then throws out in parallel way from its ports simultaneously, Example it accepts 8 bits one by one in serial method and then pass it to parallel 8 pins. Actually three pins are involved into this process, technically it takes serial input through serial input pin and converts all these into 8 bit and flush out them at the same time.

Types Of Shift Registers
There are various types of shift registers that are used in digital applications most commonly used are given below, we need to understand the application first what is actually needed then select the desired IC:
Serial In Serial Out Shift Registers
Serial In Parallel Out Shift Registers
Parallel In Serial Out Shift Registers
Parallel In Parallel Out Shift Registers

Whey We Need Shift Register
There are some condition when we runs out of any microcontroller pins and we need to expand the hardware functionality and connect devices or modules with microcontroller. So here we need to connect a shift register for this purpose, which accepts data serially and throws out in parallel method in 8 bit.  If you download datasheet of 74HC595 and read it carefully you will see 74HC595 is a 8 bit IC, it accepts 8 bit serially and puts out data in serial method or parallel in 8 bit. With the help of latches that works on 3 state. In simple words you can use it to control and handle 8 outputs and the same ouput can be connected with the sensors, relay or any other devices to control. You can connect multiple shift registers and extend more and more.

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