STM32 Nucleo-64 STM32F446RE MCU Development Board Arduino ST Morpho Connection


Board Description
Nucleo 64 board is very affordable and easy to implement in embedded project with its low cost value in the market. It has advanced features and developers can apply their new concepts and create prototypes and develop applications on STM32 STM32F446RE MCU.External SMPS which is the power source can reduce the power consumption when application is running. Feature to connect with Arduino UNO v3 with ST morpho headers helps to eazy expand the functionality of STM32 Nucleo open platform. It already has a integrate probe ST-LINK for debugger or programmer. STM32 STM32F446RE Nucleo-64 development board is offered with extended free software libraries and live practicle examples with STM32Cube MCU package.

Enhance your development skills and creativity by implementing new concepts with STM32 STM32F446RE development series boards and kits available in the market. Board offers support for development and testing embedded applications with 72 MHz Cortex M4 Series MCU and 64Kb Flash memory with powerfull STM32 Cortex Microcontroller. This board is highly demanded for its mainstream level usage in the world for development and testing application using software and existing hardware featurres. Aleardy equipped and integrated with ST-Link/V2-1 for debgging and programming mode. Built in support for ARDUINO UNO V3 and ST morpho extensions helps to open wide area of and scope for implementing and developing smart application work using ARDUINO IDE with STM32 board. HAL library offers and supports wide range of development environment including Keil MDK-ARM, IAR EWARM, mbed and GCC/LLVM IDEs and integrated resources for advanced automation and controling integrated features.

Features of NUCLEO 64 STM32 STM32F446RE Development Board

  • LQFP64 pacakge for STM32 Cortex Microcontroller.
  • 1 User LED for ARDUINO and 1 user and 1 reset functionality push buttons.
  • inbuilet oscillator 32.768 kHz crystal.
  • ST morpho connector for ARDUINO UNO V3 expansion pins for extended access all STM32 input output pins.
  • ST-LINK, USB VBUS Flexible Power supply.
  • Mass space for storage, Virtual COM and debut port.
  • Inbuilt ST-LINK programmer and debugger.
  • Free software library with example using STM32Cube MCU Package
  • Support for multiple IDEs including MDK-ARM, IAR Embedded Workbech and STM32CubeIDe
  • SMPS power supply externaly for Vcore logic voltage supply, 24 MHz HSE
  • ST-LINKMIPI debug connect with Mini-AB USB connector. Mbed Enabled conneccot compliant.
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